ECOMY - Global Block Chain & Digital Asset Exchange Revolution

Eco World Technology Group is ready to embark into the next phase of the exciting BlockChain Revolution through its platform - Through its unique multi Industries Technologies joint ventures based support towards the successful implementation of an Eco System which has been developed on its own Fintech driven products and services that comes fully loaded with its own e-Wallet apps, Digital Banking and Fiat backed integrated solutions; has made it easier and secure for transactions in terms of payments, collections and withdrawals.

ECOMY International ICO & STO BlockChain Digital Asset Exchange Platform ECO-MY International ICO & STO BlockChain Exchange will be the first of its kind in the world as we will have a strong and regulated ICO & STO Exchange will include both Utility Coins and Security Coins Trading that is asset back by our Governments current Infrastructure Assets that are being built or are being developed in the pipeline